The following are brief instructions on how to successfully add a PayPal button to your Blogger or Typepad blog.

  • Login to your account and create/compose a new post.
  • Complete the rest of the post until the last thing you will do is place the PayPal button.
  • Click the Edit HTML tab.
  • Go to your PayPal Account in another window. Login and go to Merchant Services and choose the Buy Now button. Complete the details (such as which button to use, what price, Item Name/Description, and more).  Then click Create Button Now. At that point you can Copy the HTML code.
  • Come back to your blog post, in the HTML view, and Paste the code where you want it located on your blog.  Do NOT go back into Compose Post view!  This may alter the code and then the PayPal button looks incorrect.  So, the key is to Save/Post your post immediately after pasting the code into the HTML code.

To sign up for PayPal:

To see a sample:

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