Constant Contact Newsletter Design

Templates are designed to coordinate with your existing website or blog; similar images, color scheme, buttons. If you don’t have a site, that’s okay, we can design a newsletter from scratch using the color scheme and thoughts you have in mind!

Additionally, although many of my customers use Constant Contact for their newsletter service, I do also create templates for Aweber, MailChimp and others. Contact me for more info!

Constant Contact Newsletter Design ($200)

  • Create a Contact list and import your existing contacts (if needed).
  • Add a “Sign Up For My Newsletter” box on your blog or website. I will need access to your blog to install that.
  • Setup one newsletter (template) that can then be “copied” again and again on your own, and you’ll just have to replace the images and text. (Click here for tutorial).
  • Template vary in design but most have the following characteristics:
    • In This Issue/Table of Contents
    • Contact Me
    • Follow Me
    • Quick Links
    • Featured Project or Product
    • Join My List (button)
    • In the main article area is where the Introduction and Articles are located. We can create many blocks in the template.
    • Then at the bottom, some have coupons.
    • If you have seen other newsletters you like, just forward them to me! 
  • Click here to see some samples!
  • Price: $200

Newsletter Banner Design 

  • If you purchased the Constant Contact Newsletter Designer service, then it is INCLUDED in the Constant Contact Newsletter Design Fee ($200).
  • If you do not want the Newsletter Design and simply just want a banner designed, then you can purchase that here: $50 Newsletter Banner Design Only.
  • If you’d like a Clickable Banner added, then there is a $25 additional design/coding fee.  However, this is INCLUDED if you purchased the Constant Contact Newsletter Design fee ($200).

NOTE: This service is separate from your Constant Contact monthly/yearly subscription plan.  You are responsible for paying that subscription fee.

Contact me to register for this service: or if you would like me to send you samples.

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