Did you know that if you wanted to create this blog (which is a Typepad blog), you would have to pay $14.95 a month!  Where if you look at my very similar Hand Stamped By Heather blog (http://www.handstampedbyheather.com), that is a Blogger blog and is FREE!

In Typepad,

  • For $4.95 a month, you can have a basic blog layout (no custom banner, on designed background) by selecting a template they have from their template gallery.
  • For $8.95 a month, you can do the same and add a custom banner (like mine).
  • For $14.95 a month, you can do even more customization to HTML and add custom backgrounds (like the green flourish swirls on my left and right borders).

All this can be done for FREE on Blogger! Including incorporating PayPal buttons, adding custom banners and backgrounds, widgets, 3rd party advertising, and more.

Don't get me wrong though – there are some great features that Typepad has that Blogger does not have yet. Such as:

  • Widget Gallery
  • Password Protect
  • Have multiple blogs under main account (if Plus account or higher)
  • File Manager

For most bloggers, I think Blogger is a wonderful platform and easy to use but most of all it is free. I would highly recommend it for most users, although for some, Typepad will be the better choice if you need certain capabilities.

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