1. Login to your Typepad account and from the Home page, next to your weblog, click the "Begin a New Post" button.
  2. Another Window will appear "Compose New Post: <your weblog name>" as shown in the image above.
    • First, click the "Customize the display of this page" link at the bottom and you want to make sure you select the following essential Screen Configuration options. Select "Custom" and then choose Keywords, Technorati Tags, and Feature This Post (each of these options will be explained below). Click the Save button and you will be brought back to your post.  Once this is done, these settings will be used for all future posts. You do NOT have to do this step every time.
  3. TITLE: Enter a Title. This text will appear on your blog as the Title for your post and formatted according to your blog/theme’s settings for Post Title.
  4. CATEGORY: Choose a Category.This is important!  When building posts with categories assigned to them, this builds a list of "categories" on your side bar and a count of all the posts that have been given that category as well.  Many use categories to group their projects by "type", such as Masculine, Birthday, Baby, Wedding, or Announcements. A great tip is to group by Stampset Name (see to see what I mean under Posts By Category in the side bar).
    • In the beginning, you will need to keep "Add a new category…" This will pop open a new window allowing you to add a new category. It will then be added to the list for future use.
    • In the future, you may want to add multiple categories for a post. To do this, from the Category dropdown, choose "Assign Multiple Categories…" and then select as many as you wish and Save.
  5. POST BODY: In this section, you will write the text to describe your project.  It is important that your project-based post contain the following elements:
    • Good Image of Project.

      To INSERT AN IMAGE, click the Insert Image icon (the one to the right of the numbered list icon on the Post Body toolbar above).

      A pop-up window will appear where you will click the Browse button to locate the image on your computer to upload.

      Click to insert the image.

    • Brief description of project or why you created the project, etc.
    • Most importantly, the recipe for the project – your visitors will want to know what you used to create that beautiful artwork!
    • Make sure to spell check your post (clicking the ABC button above, last button on the Post Body toolbar).
  6. KEYWORDS: Enter a few keywords to describe your post/project – maybe the stampset name, or the category. These keywords will be used in searching your blog, such as if using the Search and Replace feature. These keywords will not show in your post anywhere.
  7. TECHNORATI TAGS: Enter keywords that will be used with Technorati. These will show in your post footer.
    • So, what is Technorati?  Please see the additional help links below, as well as sign up for John Sanpietro’s Bloggers/Advanced Bloggers Bootcamp!
  8. POSTING STATUS: The default is "Publish Now" which will automatically publish the post to your blog upon clicking "Save".
  9. COMMENTS: By default it is set to "Open" which means you allow visitors to post comments to/on your post.
  10. ACCEPT TRACKBACKS: Check it if you would like trackbacks to your post. Please see the additional help links below, as well as sign up for John Sanpietro’s Bloggers/Advanced Bloggers Bootcamp!
  11. Click the SAVE button and you’re done!

For more information, visit the following links/articles from Typepad’s online help:


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