Many people add a watermark to their artwork/images so people can’t easily copy them, but also because Stampin’ Up! requires a copyright to be on their images (which are used in demonstrator’s samples).

Here are some basic instructions:

  • Open your artwork file.
  • Open your watermark file.
  • From the watermark file, go to the Edit Menu and choose Select All (or CTRL+A in most programs). Then go to the Edit Menu and choose Copy (or CTRL+C in most programs).
  • Go to the artwork file and go to the Edit Menu and choose Paste (or CTRL+V in most programs).  It will most likely center it in the artwork file.  Use the Select or Move Tool in your Image Editing software and move it to a desired location in the artwork file (I normally move it to the lower, right corner others leave it centered).
  • Save your artwork file as a JPG or desired format.

Related Information:

Hope this helps!


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