Many people have asked me how to add the image of the catalog and link to my sidebar (on my personal website:

Here are step-by-step instructions but feel free to ask me for help if you have any trouble.

  • Login to Blogger.

  • From the Dashboard, go to Layout.

  • Choose Add a Page Element or Add a Gadget.

  • From the list, choose Image or Picture.

  • From the Configure Image window, add your Title.

  • In the Caption you can do the following for example – which will actually create a link "under" the picture with text:

    <a href= target=_blank>Click here to visit the Stampin' Up! website!</a>

  • Add the Link from the customer Stampin' Up! website ( since we can only post brochures and information that is available to the customers.

  • Click the Browse button to upload a file from your computer. Find the image you created in your photo editing software, found on the Stampin' Up! website, or downloaded from Michelle Laycock's site ( or other source.

  • Once uploaded, you will see the image appear, as in the image below (I was creating a link for the Decor Elements).

  • Addsidebarimage_2 

  • Click Save and it is now added to your sidebar, on the top. Click, Drag and Drop it in the sidebar where you want it.

  • Save changes, and view blog.

  • Hope this helps!


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