In Typepad, to keep your images aligned nicely the way I have in my image editing tutorial,, from the Insert Image window, go to Custom Settings and remove the checkbox from "Wrap Text".

In Blogger, when you are inserting an image in a post, you have options as to where to align it (left, center, right) and if you want it small, medium, are large. You do not have the option to "Wrap Text".  However, if you choose "Right" it will do something similar called "Float".  To remove the float, click the Edit HTML tab, search for the phrase "FLOAT: right;" and just delete it.

To center the image, in either platform, go to Edit HTML and the location of the inserted image (it will be inside anchor tags (<a> </a> with the location of your JPG file)).  Then put <DIV align="Center"> immediately before it, and </DIV> immediately after.

An example:

<div align="center"><a href="" target="_blank">
<img src=""></a>

Hope this helps!


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