A few of my customers desire a 3 column layout for Blogger, like those of Typepad.  I came across this great source!  It has many of the popular Blogger templates (such as Minima, Thisaway, Sand Dollar, Rounders and more) in a 3 column format (left and right sidebars)!

Keep in mind that if your try to install one of these templates over an existing Blogger template you will have to redo/rebuild many of your widgets/sidebar items. 

Visit: http://webtalks.blogspot.com/2007/04/downlaod-three-column-new-blogger.html

Although they provide instructions on their website, here is what I did when preparing a test blog.

  1. Click on the blog template you desire, such as Minima White.
  2. For me the HTML code opened in a new window.
  3. The key is to then go to the View Menu and choose Source. This is the true HTML code and the code you now need to Select and Copy (all of it).
  4. Then login to Blogger.
  5. From the Dashboard, click on Layout.
  6. Go to the Edit HTML tab.
  7. At the top, make sure to save a copy of your current template!!!!!!!!!!!  REMEMBER that this template may wipe out all your widgets and you'd have to reinstall them all if you have a blog already in a 2 column format. So, only proceed if you are prepared to basically redo your sidebars.
  8. Then, in the box below (with all the current HTML), select it all and delete it.  Then Paste in the code you just copied for Minima White 3 Column Format.
  9. Click Save Template.
  10. Now when you go to Layout and then click on Page Element you see the 3 column format. You can add new sidebar items and drag and drop where you want them.

Here are two blogs I have recently developed using the 3 column format in Blogger:




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