A fellow demonstrator has recently asked me what the difference between a Page and a Post is?


These are samples, artwork, announcements that you will write about daily or weekly. They display on your blog with the recent post being the first you see.  These are also available thru the Archives list as well as under Categories to help your visitors find them.


These are like traditional website pages where it contains static information (or images). For example, on my www.blogsbyheather.com, I use Pages (upper left corner) to tell about each of the services I offer.  These pages are always available there and do not change often (unless I change or add a service). They do not appear in Archives or Categories (since they are not posts). 

So for the most part you will be writing POSTS regularly and only write/create PAGES as needed. You may not need them, not everyone does.  For example, you can make a page for all SU Promotions if you wanted one "place" for your visitors to go to read all about the current promotions, instead of making individual posts about each promotion or adding them to your sidebar.  But then when the promotions end, you can update the page or delete the page and create a new one. That may be a purpose for you to have a PAGE.  But again, for most cases you will be creating posts regularly, and pages occasionally (as needed).

If you need further clarification, feel free to contact me or you can read the following articles from Typepad’s Knowledgebase:

Hope this helps!


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