On many blogs, you will notice something similar like "My Favorite Links" or "Sites I Like to Visit" or "Charities I Donate To".  In Blogger, this is called a Link List type of Page Element/Gadget.

Creating the list:

  • Login to Blogger.
  • From the Dashboard, click on Layout.
  • Click or go to Page Elements if you are not there by default.
  • Click on Add a Gadget (used to be Add a Page Element).
  • From the list, scroll and choose the Link List.
  • From the Configure Link LIst window that now appears:
  • Add a Title for your list, such as "Blogs I Like To Visit".
  • Leave blank the "number of links to show in the list".
  • You may want to choose a Sort Order or leave "Don't Sort".
  • New Site URL: this is the URL or actual address of the site, such as https://www.blogsbyheather.com.
  • New Site Name: This is the textual respresentation that will show in the sidebar, such as "Blogs By Heather". So when a user clicks the Site Name, they will be directed to the Site URL.
  • Click ADD LINK button.
  • To add another, the only 2 fields you need to enter is "New Site URL" and "New Site Name".  Then click ADD Link button.
  • Continue until you have created the list. As you are building the list you will see it in the bottom of the Configuration window.
  • When you are finished, click SAVE.

Arrange in sidebar:

  • It is now added to your sidebar at the  top. 
  • Simply drag and drop it where you would like it to be in the sidebar.
  • click the SAVE button.

You're done! View your blog to see your results.

Hope this helps!


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