As you may already know Blogger does not have the "Pages" and "Feature This Post" features and abilities that Typepad has. However, all is not lost.  The important thing to remember is that whatever information you would want quickly and easily accessible to your blog visitors can be put in the sidebar.

Also, there are 3 column blogger formats that can allow more "room" in sidebars. See this tutorial about that:

Use the HTML/Javascript gadget/page element for the most flexibility. In it you can write text as well as create hyperlinks, insert images, add PayPal buttons and more (for example, see my Fresh Cuts Tote and Notes sidebar item…….which is a Blogger blog). 

Adding a Page Element/Gadget

  • Log in to Blogger.
  • From the Dashboard, click on Layout.
  • Click on Page Element (if not there by default).
  • Click on Add a Gadget (or Page Element).
  • From the list provided, choose HTML/JavaScript.
  • Give a Title if you wish (such as Fresh Cuts Tote and Notes, like I did in my sample,
  • In the large text box, here is where you add regular text, hyperlinks, or PayPal buttons.  NOTE: If you don't have an online storage place for images, then right above this page element I would add a "Picture" page element of the picture corresponding to this new page element.  In my example, that would be that I would add the Fresh Cuts sample image by Andrea Walford right above my class detail and PayPal info.  So it is a separate page element but they will look like they are together.
  • Okay, once you've added your text, hyperlinks or other information, save changes.
  • Then drag and drop this new element(s) near the top of one of your sidebars so you and your visitors can see it quickly and easily on your sidebar.

Note:  This HTML/Javascript item, can simply be a table of contents to other important posts on your blog, or link to you DBWS, an image, class desciption and sign up, whatever you'd like.

In putting something in the sidebar, you can move it to the top, to be the first or 2nd item in your sidebar so visitors see it right away and it will stay there until you delete the page element.

Hope this helps!


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