On many blogs, you will notice something similar like "My Favorite Links" or "Sites I Like to Visit" or "Charities I Donate To".  In Typepad, this is a typelist, a Links type.

Below are instructions on how to create the typelist and then to show it on your blog:

  • After you login, click on the green tab named "Typelists."
  • Click on white text, "create a new typelist."
  • From the next screen,
    • Step 1: Select a type of list under the List Type dropdown,
    • Step 2: Give your list a name, such as "My Favorite Sites" or "Sites I Like To Visit".
  • Click the Create New List button.
  • Enter a Title for your link that will show in your sidebar under this new typelist, such as "Blogs By Heather".  This is a textual representation of the link or a label for the link.
  • In the URL box, here is where you type the actual blog site or website address, where the visitor will be directed if they click the link, such as https://www.blogsbyheather.com.
  • Click Save.
  • Click Add Item at the top to continue adding more sites until you have completed your list.  In the future you can always come back to the Typelist and add more items or remove items easily.

Adding it to your sidebar:

  • When you are finished, go to your weblog and click Design.
  • Click on Select Content – choose the new typelist by checking it "Sites I Like To Visit". Then save.
  • Then click on Order Content. Here you can drag and drop where you want the new list in your sidebar. Save changes.
  • Then click View Site (top of your screen) or View Weblog to see your changes!

Hope this helps!


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