Many have asked, what platform is better – Blogger or Typepad.  This really depends on your blogging needs and your budget. However, here is a quick review of each.  Please feel free to ask me about any features you may not see listed here or if you have additional questions (

Pros for Blogger

  • Free.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can have banners and backgrounds at no extra charge, no upgrade (free).  Meaning if you were to have my blog as a Typepad blog, you'd have to pay $14.95 a month just because of the background design.  

Cons for Blogger

  • Does not have a file manager to upload files. Although there are some free online sources you can use to store PDFs and such that you can later link to from your Blogger blog (such as and others).
  • Limited two column template gallery (although you can find many FREE templates and instructions on how to convert to a 3 column format).

Pros for Typepad

  • More layouts in layout gallery, more templates to choose from (especially the 3 column format).
  • Has a file manager.
  • Allows for Domain Mapping.
  • Has a built in Gallery (although Blogger now has Picasa Web Albums as it's gallery — see my gallery on
  • Has Pages.
  • Has the Feature This Post.
  • Has a Widget Gallery (for Blogger you just have to use the HTML/JavaScript Page Element to do the same thing).
  • The Plus package allows for 3 blogs under your account. The Pro allows for unlimited blogs under one account.  Since Blogger is free you can create as many blogs as you want.

Cons for Typepad

  • $4.95 for basic. To have a custom banner is $8.95 (Erika Martin found a way to do it in the basic package using HTML code). To have a background is $14.95.
  • Not as easy to use as Blogger in some ways.

So, it depends on what you are really use the blog for.  Check out both of mine: is a BLOGGER blog.  My is a TYPEPAD blog.  Both are similar and look the same but also different. Both have the sign up for my newsletter, both have sign up for my blog, both have Categories and such.

Hope this helps!


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