A few customers wanted some help with registering a domain name with Go Daddy.  A domain name is in the form of www.blogsbyheather.com, where as most blogs have their blog platform in your blog addresss, such as www.heatherporto.typepad.com (so you would know this is a Typepad blog).

So, what I had done, like many others, is register the domain name, www.blogsbyheather.com, and have it mapped (Domain Mapping available in Typepad) to my Typepad account (www.heatherporto.typepad.com).  So notice that when you come to my site, www.blogsbyheather.com, you do not see www.heatherporto.typepad.com in the address bar at all.  It basically makes your blog appear like a traditional website.

NOTE: I have used www.namesecure.com to register domains as well and successfully implemented Domain Mapping (such as this blog, www.blogsbyheather.com).

Anyway, here are the instructions that I could get to w/o actually paying and completely the registration.  This is as far as I could go but let me know if you get stuck (heather@blogsbyheather.com).

  • Go to www.godaddy.com
  • In the upper left corner of middle left area, type in the name you are looking to use as your domain.
  • Once you find one, make sure ONLY the .com is checked.
  • scroll down the bottom and click Proceed to Check Out.
  • On the next screen, simply click NO THANKS. Continue to Checkout.
  • Domain Registration Information…..
  • Select – I would like a new Go Daddy Account.
  • Enter your name and contact information needed (* means required).
  • Click Continue.
  • Do NOT click anything else and click Continue.
  • Again, leave this screen alone except change if you want 1 YEAR instead of the default 2 YEAR purchase, then in the middle check if it is being used for Business (which is the default) or Personal.
  • Then click NO THANKS. I’m ready to checkout.
  • Don’t check any other services, Scroll towards the bottom and check your payment method.
  • Check that you read the agreement terms. Then click Check Out Now.
  • Enter more billing information.
  • Enter account information(such as username, password, pin and more).
  • Then click Continue…..

For more information on Domain Mapping with Go Daddy:

Hope this helps!


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