Many demonstrators use galleries, or photo albums, to showcase a large quantity of images – not just those in their posts.  I use it to keep a gallery, or portfolio, of completed blogs I've setup.

Here are instructions on how to create a new photo album, and then how to add images to it.

Creating a New Album

  • Once logged in to Typepad, click on the green tab named "Photo Albums".
  • Then, click on the white text labeled "Create a New Photo Album".
  • Here, give the album a name (is really the only thing you need to add, but you can scroll down and set other options, set as thumbnail size, photo size, etc.)
  • Click the "Create New Photo Album" button.

Uploading Photos

  • Click the "Upload Photos" button.
  • You can upload at most 5 at a time.
  • Select the number of files you wish to upload at that time (1-5).
  • Then in the text boxes below, click the related "Browse" button and locate the desired file to upload.
  • Click "Upload".
  • Now you will see the thumbnails and can edit the photo name and photo caption (which I use for a photo description – which can include HTML as well).

When you uploaded all your photos and want to add it to your blog for the first time:

  • Go to the green Design tab and choose Select Content. 
  • Scroll down to Photo Albums, and check the check box next to your newly added album. 
  • Now go to Order Content and drag and drop where you want to have your gallery located in your sidebar.
  • Save changes.

Hope this helps!


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