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Many of us use Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, however many are looking for a free program to help add a watermark to your images or to help resize them.

Here is the solution (recommended to me and SUDSOL originally from Erika Martin) – FastStone.( Click to download it to your computer.

Once installed, open/run the program.  The following instructions are on how to resize and add a watermark to an existing image.  This program can also do other things such as cropping, but this tutorial is covering resizing and adding a watermark but please have fun experimenting on your own as well.

  1. From the Main Menu, on the left side you can select a folder where your images reside on your local computer – many store them in My Pictures under the My Documents folder.


  2. So, on the left side, select which ever images you would like to resize and add a watermark to. You can select one at a time and click the Add =>, or you can select many by holding down the CTRL key while clicking on various pictures, then click Add=>, or you can choose to Add All=>.
  3. After you have selected the desired images to be resized and have a watermark added to, then look to the bottom of the form.


  4. Select an Output Format, such as the common JPG.
  5. Choose an Ouput Folder. This is a place on your computer where the new, finalized pictures will be store. The originals are separate.
  6. Check to use Advanced Options.
  7. Then click on the Advanced Options button.
  8. First, we'll work with the Resize tab.
  9. Choose a percentage to set pixels. In this example I used 80%.


  10. Then, click on the Watermark tab.


  11. Click the check box for Add Watermark.
  12. Select the watermark image from your computer (by clicking the … button).
  13. Click a checkbox next to Background, and then move the watermark where you want it to be placed on all the previously selected images. In my example, I selected the lower, right corner.
  14. Click OK and it saves any and all options selected in the Advanced Options area.
  15. Now click the Convert button to finish.  This resizes and adds the watermark to the selected images to the Output Folder previously specified.
  16. You will then see a list of all the images modified.
  17. Click Done.

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Hope this helps!

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