For example, when a Stampin' Up! promotion ends, you should delete that promotion from your blog so it does not confuse your visitors.

In this exampe, say you have a typelist named Stampin' Up! Promotions.

  • Login to your Typepad account.
  • Click on the gree Typelists tab.
  • View your list of typelists and click on Stampin' Up! Promotions (for example).
  • It will then show you a list of items, all the Stampin' Up! promotions for example. Recently the Never Been Seen Before, Starter Kit Promotion, and World Card Making Day promotions have ended.
  • So, click on the little box to the left of these 3 items (for example) so that now those 3 items have a check mark in their respective check box.
  • Then at the bottom click Delete Item.
  • In the confirmation window, click Yes that you are sure you want to delete.
  • You're done.

Hope this helps!

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