I have a Typepad blog for my blogging business (www.blogsbyheather.com) and a Blogger Blog for my Stampin’ business (www.handstampedbyheather.com). So, because I have to maintain my own stamping blog, I am always thinking of blogger work arounds to be typepad-like. 

Anyway…here are a few tips.
If you are thinking of transferring a blog:
There is a blog transfer that can transfer your posts to Typepad from Blogger but not all the images. So the posts would not contain any images. I haven’t fully tested this but I read that you would have to edit all your posts and re-insert the images. So, if you go with typepad, I would just start new and link back to the other, older blog. Then on the blogger blog I would make a big announcement about going to the new blog and telling your visitors they will need to re-subscribe to the new typepad blog (or vice-versa).  I believe there is a way to transfer subscribers via Feedburner but I haven’t done it myself (but read it in Feedburner help).
Again, this is just a work-around. Blogger does not have a feature called "pages." Okay, now for the "trick". For example, if you wanted an area for Kits you sell or Classes To Go.

  • In Blogger, you would post about the kit and give it a category such as “Classes to Go”.  This would then be a category in your main category list.  Use "**Classes to Go **" to keep it first on the list.
  • However, in addition, I would create Links List (as a gadget) and name it CLASSES TO GO and then create links for each month to your actual posts on your blog for each kit! . 

File Manager:
One huge advantage of Typepad is the file manager. However, there is Google Docs (For FREE) where you can store PDFs, Word documents and Excel spreadsheets and other documents online, and link to them from your blog.

Blogger does not have a built-in photo album like Typepad, but it has Picasa Web Albums (for FREE) to create a Blogger gallery and easily link to from your blog.

Hope this helps!

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