A very popular blogging topic is to add a way for users to pay for an upcoming class, or a product or class kit for example, you are selling.  You can do this by using your PayPal account and by adding a Pay Now or Buy Now button to your post (or page).

Here is my original, mini tutorial on it:


Below, I tried to add a little more detail to help:

1.      Create your post with all the info, images. Basically to finish the post where the only thing you have left is to add the button.

2.      Login to your paypal account.

3.      Click on the Merchant Services tab.

4.      Click on the Buy Now button.

5.      Enter in a Item Description (such as a class or kit description). Item ID can be blank.  Then put in a Price and select currency format (default is USD, US dollars).

6.      Then scroll down a little and there’s a link that says “Customer Appearance”. Click that and you can choose PAY NOW instead of BUY NOW if you want.

7.      Then scroll all the way to the button and click CREATE BUTTON.

8.      The next screen is a bunch of HTML code.

9.      Click on that code and select all of it.

10.  Copy it (CTRL + C).

11.  Then go back to blog, your post you were working on.

12.  Click the EDIT HTML tab.  This will look very strange. It is your post in HTML code.  It will take some time…but scroll thru it looking for where you wrote a price.  Then write the following if you want to center the PayPal button:

<DIV align=center>
…..PASTE all the PayPal code here……

13.  Then SAVE/PUBLISH your post (or page).

14.  You’re done.

You can always go back and change it if you don’t like the location of it.  It just takes a little practice to get used to looking and searching thru the HTML code about where you want it “located” in your post.

Happy blogging!

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