Recently a few people have asked me about this so I figured I'd post a more detailed tutorial on it.

  • First, upload the file to your File Manager.

  • Then from the files listed on the left, find the newly uploaded Word document or PDF.

  • Then “right” click on it and choose Copy Shortcut (this is copying the path to your clipboard behind the scenes).
  • Then go to the post or create a new post. And in that post write….something like…

    Click here to download <whatever the topic is>

  • Then highlight/select the two words “Click Here”.

  • Then from the toolbar….click the paper clip icon…it says HTML link (next to the Insert Image icon)…..then a little window opens.
  • The link text is “Click Here”.

  • In the Link URL box….PASTE the link you copied from the typepad file name…. CTRL + V on your keyboard does a Paste.  Just like a regular Copy and Paste…but instead you copied a shortcut/URL.
  • Then check the box to Open in a New Window.  This opens the file in a separate internet browser window and leaves your blog open in the background.

  • Click the Save Changes button.

  • Finishing posting and you're done.


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Hope this helps!

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