Adding a background image to your blog can make it even more beautiful and help it stand out from the rest! However, you do need to have the Pro package in order to add a background in Typepad (the $14.95/month package).

Michelle Laycock,, can design a beautiful banner for you and a coordinating background as well!

Adding a Background

1. First, you have to have the Pro package, the $14.95 a month package. This allows you access to the Custom CSS under the Design tab.  

2. Then, you must have the image you want to use (again one you created yourself or had someone like Michelle Laycock or other designer design).

3. Upload the image to your Typepad account (Control Panel, Files, Browse for the image and then click Upload).

4. Once uploaded, click on the name of the image on the left and it pops-up a window.

5. Select the entire URL address and Copy it.

6. Go to the Design Tab, then Custom CSS and type the following for example:

body {
background: url(;

or if you have a static background then the code would be:

body {
background: url(;
background-position: top;
background-attachment: fixed;
background-repeat: norepeat;

7. You need to Paste the URL from your Typepad account where my path is!

8. Save changes.

9. Republish your blog and you're done.
Happy Blogging!

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