This is a question often asked.  While Blogger has a built-in method to automatically have the signature appear at the bottom of every post, Typepad does not.  However, it is not hard to insert one at the end of every Typepad post.

First you need to upload the signature image:

  1. Go to the Control Panel.
  2. Then click the Files tab.
  3. Then click the Browse button to find the file on your computer and open it.
  4. Then click the Upload button.
  5. Now it will appear on the left side with the list of your existing files.
  6. Find the file you just uploaded and right-click on it.  Choose Copy Shortcut or Copy Link.  This is a shortcut way to copy the path, URL, to your signature image that you'll need below.

Now, create your post:

  1. Create your post as you normally do.
  2. At the end, when you are just about ready to publish your post, click the Edit HTML tab.

  3. Here you will see all the HTML code for your post. Don't worry, just keep scrolling to the bottom. Until you get to a blank line.

  4. Then copy and paste this code, but use your signature of course instead.

    <img src="the location of your signature here">  so for example it may be

    <img src="">

  5. You can either go back to Rich Text mode/tab, or just go to Publish.

You're done. You will have to do that for every post…copy and paste the code.

Happy Blogging!

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