Many of my blogging customers do use Constant Contact as their newsletter service as well. So we've previously reviewed how to add the Sign Up box to your sidebars, however, another visitor has asked how to put their blog banner in their newsletter.

Uploading and Prepare Your Banner Image

  • Save the banner image to your computer if you haven’t done so already. 
  • You can load it up to your Typepad file manager (under Control Panel, Files, click Browse to find the file on your computer, then click Upload). The it is added to your list of files on the left.  Then you can right-click on the new file added, right-click on the name only and choose Copy Shortcut or Copy Link from the little short cut menu that appears.  The reason I do this is so you don’t use up the 5 spots you have for images in Constant Contact, unless you’ve paid more money to allow you to save/use unlimited images.
  • Or you could just upload the banner image to your list of images in Constant Contact – maybe a better option for those who use Blogger (which doesn't have a built-in file manager).

In Constant Contact

  • Login to Constant Contact.
  • Go to Emails.
  • Click to Edit the Email you want or create a new email.
  • Then in the template that appears, towards the top there is a header or banner area.
  • Click to Edit that area.  I delete the text in there and set the background color to white (you can set color, font, alignment, background color in the left sidebar).
  • Then I click the Image icon in the left sidebar (this is for inserting any type of image, such as your artwork samples and a banner – any type of image).
    • If you uploaded the image to Typepad and followed those instructions above, then click the Image URL tab and then do a Paste.  It copies the path to your banner from Typepad.  Then you can click Preview to make sure you see a preview of the image.
    • Otherwise, again (if you are using Blogger), you can simply upload the file into your Constant Contact file manager and use one of the 5 "spaces" you have available before having to upgrade your account for more space. I think since you will use the banner image so much, it's okay to use one of your spots in the Constant Contact File Manager.
  • However, you uploaded the image in Constant Contact, then click Insert Image.
  • And you’re done. It should now appear in your header area of your newsletter.

Now, the other thing you can do is resize the banner.  Right now it may be too wide for your newsletter.  Most templates are 600 px wide and Michelle’s (Michelle Laycock, banners are 870 px wide.  So, normally when I create people’s newsletters, I resize their banners to 600 px so it fits better.  You may want to do that first.  Do you have a program to resize your images?  If not, you can use this free program and tutorial:

Hope this helps!

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