Many people let me know that when their customers click on the EMAIL ME link or button on their blogs that it does not work.

The reason is that the HTML command being used is a "mailto:" and it looks for an email account on the visitor’s (or customer's) computer, such as MS Outlook or MS Outlook Express (for PC users).  It will WORK if they have an email account setup on their computers.  If they don’t and say they use AOL for example, then the button will not work.  Or if it can't find an email account their computer – Outlook for example - it wanted prompt or ask to create one. 

There is a way to setup Outlook to use another email address as it’s main address….for example, I have OptOnline and At&T as my email hosts (such as and…but I was able to setup what is called a POP MAIL account in Outlook and that works perfect.  However, you cannot expect all your visitors to do that or know how to configure Outlook to work with their other internet/email service providers.

So….what can you do?

If you are a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator

You can also add a link to your blog somewhere that also says “Contact Me” and have it link to the Contact Me page on your Stampin’ UP! website.

If you are NOT a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator

You can simply just list your email address so then visitors will know and literally see your email address on your blog, and therefore use whatever email system they have to email you. For example, may people have their email address in their banners or in the About Me page or area of their blogs.

Hope this helps!

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