To add your Etsy Shop or Store to your blog's sidebar, most of the work is actually done in Etsy. Then you'll create a Typelist (Typepad), HTML/JavaScript gadget (Blogger) or Text Widget (WordPress) to finish.  See details below.

In Etsy

  • Login to your Etsy Account
  • Then click on Your Etsy (link at the top).
  • Then, from the left sidebar, at the bottom, click on Etsy Mini.
  • Then choose to show items from your shop or items from your favorites.
  • Then to show Thumbnails.
  • Then choose Layout, such as 1 column by 1 row (to show the most recent picture). Or on my blog (  — all the way at the bottom right, you'll see I have one with 1 column and 2 rows – showing the most recent 2 pictures.
  • Then you will see the HTML code that you will now need to copy and paste into your blog….So for now, select it, then follow the directions for your platform (Typepad, Blogger, or WordPress).

In Typepad

  • Go to Typeplists.
  • Click on the white text to Create a New Typelist.
  • Make sure you choose NOTES as the Type.
  • In the Title you can write My Etsy Shop for example.
  • Then click on the Create New Typelist button.
  • Leave the label blank.
  • In the Notes area, PASTE in the HTML Code you copied from Etsy.
  • Save.
  • Click the Publish (since this is a new typelist).
  • Then check off your weblog. Click Save. Then click on the blue text link "Content". This will bring you to the layout of your blog and you can drag and drop where you want the new item to be placed on your blog's sidebar.
  • Save.
  • View Weblog.
  • You're done!

In Blogger

  • Login and from the Dashboard go to Layout.
  • Then go to your sidebar and choose Add a Gadget.
  • Choose HTML/JavaScript.
  • For Title, write My Etsy Shop for example.
  • In the Contents, larger box, PASTE in the HTML Code from Etsy.
  • Save.
  • Now the item appears on the top of your sidebar. You can now drag and drop where you want it placed.
  • Save again.
  • View blog.
  • You're done!

In WordPress

  • From the Dashboard, click Design, then click Widgets.
  • From the list on the left, click on Text Widget and notice it added to the right side.
  • Click Save.
  • Then under Text Widget, click Edit.
  • Now you can PASTE the HTML Code from Etsy.
  • Click Save Changes.
  • Now, on the right side of your screen you can drag and drop the widgets that are in your sidebar, including the newly added Text Widget.
  • You're done!

Hope this helps!

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