Many demonstrators and bloggers are inserting videos in their blogs - whether it's a family/home movie or showing off a new stamping technique!  I would say by far YouTube is the most popular platform and it is not hard to embed into your blog posts or pages.

On May 1st, Michelle Laycock ( will begin showcasing blogs that have successfully implemented videos. Be sure to see visit her blog and then the blogs being featured to see how other demonstrators are using videos in their blogs!

Basic Instruction Using YouTube

  • Click on a video you like in YouTube (  For example, fellow demonstrator Dawn Rapsas created a video on the Faux Diamonds technique (
  • When you are directed to that page, on the right you will see two boxes "URL" and "Embed".
  • If you want to link to the video (like I just did above to Dawn's Faux Diamond Project), then you just copy and paste the HTML code in the URL box.
  • If you want to embed the video into your blog posts so visitors can run/play the video right from your blog, copy and paste the HTML code from the Embed box into your post or page. To do this you have to switch to EDIT HTML view (do not paste it in Rich Text or Compose View).
  • Continue your post. Then Publish or Save when you're ready.
  • That's it!

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Happy Blogging!

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