A fellow demonstrator has asked about linking to a calendar.  Many demonstrators have an online website or DBWS (Demonstrator Business Website) they can use and link to.  Others (demonstrators and NON-demonstrators) use Google Calendar.


If wanting to use the DBWS

If you have a Stampin’ Up! website (DBWS) then you can “link” to your Calendar of Events.  For example, my stampin’ up website is http://heatherporto.stampinup.net. If I wanted to link to my SU calendar, then it would be http://heatherporto.stampinup.net/events.  You can create a text link from your sidebar or you can create or download a cute calendar image (from like google images for example, images.google.com) and use that in the sidebar as an image/link to your calendar.

Here are some tutorials on how to use image/links and text links:



Typepad: https://www.blogsbyheather.com/2008/08/typepad-addin-1.html

Blogger:  https://www.blogsbyheather.com/2008/08/blogger-adding.html


WordPress: https://www.blogsbyheather.com/2008/10/wordpress-adding-imagelink-to-sidebar.html

Instructions for using Google Calendar and adding it to your sidebar:

If you do NOT have a DBWS and even some demonstrator who do have a DBWS still use Google Calendar (calendar.google.com) or a program called 30-boxes.  Instructions below are for Google Calendar since I have not yet used 30-boxes.  It is a free online calendar program.  You just have to be sure to make it public and then you would go to settings to get the HTML Code to put on your blog’s sidebar:

a.      Create a Google account if you don't have one. Go to http://calendar.google.com.

b.      Then start adding events to your calendar.

c.       On the left sidebar, under My Calendar, click the word/hyperlink called Settings.  This will bring you to a screen that has many tabs: General, Calendar, Mobile Settings. 

d.      Click on the Calendar tab.

e.      Click on Share This Calendar (text link). It will then bring you to another screen with 3 tabs: Calendar Details, Share This Calendar, Notifications.

f.        In the Share This Calendar, make sure to click “Make This Calendar Public”.

g.      Click Save. Click Yes.

h.      Then it brings you back to the other screen.  Click on Share This Calendar again.

i.        Then click on the tab called “Calendar Details”.

j.        Then scroll down to Calendar Address. NOTE: You can only use this area hear if you’ve made your calendar public.

k.       Click on the little HTML button (very small blue button/white text).

l.        Then a window will pop-up where you can copy and paste the text link it provides, or you can click on Configuration Tool to create a sidebar widget.

m.    Click on Configuration Tool.

n.      Here is where you can customize how the widget will look in your sidebar – such as giving a Title, including or excluding Navigation buttons. But more importantly, for it to fit in your sidebar, you need to adjust the WIDTH to 200 or lower.  I normally use 160 or 180 to be safe. Other typepad templates may require even smaller like 120 or 130.

o.      Then when you’ve made your changes, click the UPDATE HTML button.

p.      Then COPY and PASTE all that code into your sidebar gadget/widget. Login to your blog and do the following….. 


  • In Typepad create a new NOTES Typelist.
  • In Blogger Add a Gadget.
  • In WordPress, add a Text Widget.

q.      You’re done You can exit out of Google Calendar or continue adding new events, modifying settings, etc.



Happy Blogging!


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