Holy Cow! It worked!  My posts and images inside the posts transferred beautiful, as did the Archives.  The categories didn't transfer (but maybe they could have if I changed the template), but still it looks great and now may be an option for Blogger users to move over to Typepad without fear of losing everything they've worked so hard to create. 

NOTE: The Blogger blog stays the same. Do NOT delete the old blog even if you move to Typepad, this way you can make sure the images will not be deleted and your posts moved here to Typepad will stay untouched, unaffected as well.  This shouldn't be a problem for Blogger is free.

So…..take a look!

Here is my real Blogger Blog:

Here is the Blogger Blog modified as per Typepad's export instructions:

Here is the new Typepad blog I tested:

Here are the instructions you must follow in order to make it work!

MAKE a COPY of your blog to transfer.

  • Login and go to Settings.
  • Click on Export Blog.
  • Save file to your computer.
  • Then go back to the Dashboard and Create a New Blog
  • Give it the same name with a -transfer added to it for example.
  • Then go to Setting and Import  Blog.  Import the backup file you just created.
  • USE THIS NEW blog as the one to transfer since you have to change the formatting.

Continue with the directions below

Be sure to follow this important step:

If you are using Blogger Beta, you need to first change your template to use this import code. In your Blogger account, go to the Template tab and click on the Edit HTML link. At the bottom of the page, click the "Revert to Classic Template" link. Then, paste in the code from above into the Edit Template field.

Only after you revert to classic template, will you be able to modify the template as they tell you to.

I still have to test the reverse (about moving from Typepad to Blogger).

This is great news I think, so I had to share it!

Whooo hooooo!!!!!! 

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