Hi again 🙂

With the baby coming I am a little behind on billing for recent blog setups and blog work. Thank you for your reminders and I will send a paypal invoice.  However, in the mean time you can go to my sidebar, left, and choose to Make a Payment and choose "Blog Setup" or "3 column format" or other related serivce.  Click on Add to Cart, then Proceed To Checkout.

For paying last month's sidebar maintenance, you can again go to the sidebar, left, and under Make a Payment – Sidebar Maintenance, you can choose the number of updates I did from the dropdown box and then choose Pay Now.  For June, for most people there were 4 updates, $15.  For July, there was 6 or 7 updates (depending on whether or not you have Celebrando Creatividad), $25 or $30.

But again, I plan on invoicing for services soon, but just fell a little behind on invoicing in preparing for our new son coming soon – a few weeks earlier than expected (LOL).

Thanks for your patience!

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