I've had a few customers ask about this and wanted to share some thoughts — where to store large PDF files for your customers or blog visitors to download?

If you are using a Typepad blog, then you have a File Manager (in the Control Panel -> Files tab). However, you may not want to store them there and I don't see a reference in the Typepad Knowledgebase about maximum file size for uploading or inserting a file into a post. 

If using Blogger, then there is not a file manager and many use Google Docs free (http://docs.google.com/). However, the maximum file upload size is 10 MB.

So, what you can do is use Google Docs if your files are less then 10 MB and want a free place to store them, or you can use this service I found: http://www.keepandshare.com/

Hope this helps!  If you do try Keep and Share post a comment here and share with all of us your experience.

Happy blogging!

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