There will come a time when you will need to remove items from your blog's sidebar.  This is done within in a Typelist.

  • Login to Typepad.
  • Click on the GREEN Typelists tab (or if you are using the New Typepad version, click the Library drop down box at the top left area of your screen and choose Typelists).
  • Then you will see all of your existing Typelists.
  • Click on the Typelist that contains the sidebar item you want to delete.  If you don't know which one, view your blog and then the Typelist's name is really the Sidebar Title.
  • Then you will see all the items in that Typelist listed. To delete one, click in the small box on the left of the item you want to delete (a check mark will appear), then click the Delete button at the bottom.
  • Then click to confirm you want to delete it.
  • You're done!

Happy Blogging!

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