Like me, many of you many have logged into your Typepad account and see that it looks different.  This is the New Typepad.  So to familiarize you with the New Typepad layout, here are some quick tips:

  • The File Manager that was in the Control Panel tab is now under the Library dropdown menu at the top.
  • There is also no longer a green tab for Typelists or Photo Albums, these again are under the new Library dropdown menu.
  • Domain Mapping is now found under Account (a white text hyperlink at the top).
  • Once in your blog (by clicking it under Typepad Blogs area when you log in), you will see a few tabs, one of them being Posts.  Pages are also under this tab.
  • Most importantly is probably the new Compose dropdown box next to each of your blogs listed under the Typepad Blogs area (when you first login).  This drop down quickly allows you to navigate your blog – such as quickly jumping to Design, Posts, Pages or settings for example.
  • The View Site is now View Blog.

For more information on the New Typepad, click here. If you get stuck, don't hesitate to ask me where something is if you can't find it! Email me at

Happy blogging!

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