A few people have asked me about how to make their own "About Me" sidebar item or an "About Me" page in Blogger instead of using the default "About Me" gadget.  So I thought I'd share the instructions with all of you.

About Me Sidebar Item

First, upload your picture to Picasa Web Album, Photobucket or other online storage place. If using Picasa, after you upload the image, on the right you'll see an area about linking to this picture.  Select that URL, copy and keep it stored in a temp email or Word document.  If you use Photobucket, put your mouse over the image and select and copy the Direct Link.

Next, add a new Gadget. Choose HTML/JavaScript.  In the Title enter "About Me" (without the quotes).  Then in the large text box, you will use this HTML code to insert your picture, then Email Me, and then text written about you (your mini bio).

<img src="….enter the location of the URL of you photo in between the quotes here….">


<a href="mailto:heather@blogsbyheather.com">Email Me</a><BR><BR>

Welcome to Blogs By Heather.  I am a Stampin' Up! demonstrator but also work in the IT field doing computer programming and have owned my own consulting business for approx. 15 years…..

Save the Gadget and drag and drop where you'd like in the layout.

About Me Page

Blogger does not have "pages" like Typepad and WordPress, however, this can still be accomplished by writing up a MS Word document.  You can even include your banner image as the header in the Word document to make it coordinate with your blog design. 

Then upload it to Google Docs (http://docs.google.com) and Publish it.  Once you get the URL it provides you after you Publish, you can then use it on your blog.

Create a new Gagdet and choose Picture.

Click Browse to upload your picture from your computer and in Link you can put the link to the Google Doc and in the Caption you can use the HTML above for the Email Me.

Save the Gadget and the drag and drop where desired.

Hope this helps!

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