Here it is. I'd love for you to add me to your sidebar!

Blogs By Heather


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Quick Instructions

To add in Blogger, go to Layout and Add a Gadget. If using the Old Blogger interface, go to Design, Page Elements, Add a Gadget. Then Choose HTML/JavaScript, paste in large text box, and save.

To add in Typepad.  To skip the typlists, go here. Otherwise, go to Library then Typelists, Create a New Typelist and name it "Recommended Services" and click Create New Typelist.  In the large Notes box, paste the HTML.  Save. Then click Publish. Check off your blog(s) to add it to and Save. Then you have to go to Design, then Content, and from the left box choose Your TypeLists and then in the middle box choose Recommended Services, and then in the last box, choose Add Module.  Then remember to choose Save Changes at the botom.  

To add in WordPress, from the Dashboard, under Appearance, choose Widgets. Add a Text Widget to any sidebar and edit. Copy and paste the HTML code and Save.

Thank you for your continued support! It means so much!

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