Many clients always want to know how can they rank higher on the web.  I'll throw in a few tips here and there.  Here is a location to add your site to Google.

It does not guarantee ranking, etc., but it doesn't hurt to add your listing!

Other tips:

  • Post often and use your keywords in your posts (
  • Make sure to add Keywords to your posts (meaning, not only in the content of the post, but at the bottom of the post editor screen under Keywords and Technorati Tags).
  • Reciprocate links on other people's blogs. The more sites you have link back to yours the better the possibility of increased traffic to your site.
  • Make sure to include your link to your blog in all email signatures and when you post to online groups.
  • Make sure to join online groups and participate in them. So people get to know you, your work, and your blog.
  • Integrate your blog with Twitter and Facebook (tutorials on this coming soon).
  • You can pay for a service as well to submit your site to search engines monthly.

Happy Blogging!

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