In February I announced and started my new blog maintenance program ( which is a subscription-based system for stamping business owners, for example, Stampin' Up! demonstrators, where I put in code on their blog that automatically updates every month for them with current catalogs, promotions, products or featured projects.  I am so happy with me new system as are my customers!

The subscription-based system has helped my business on many levels:

  • Allows my customers to pay for a maintenance package that best suits them.
  • Offers my customers an even more affordable service.
  • Allows me to better track and manage my customers.
  • Helps me financially in that I don't have to track down customers for payment, they pay for the service when joining and it is setup to be a "recurring" payment via PayPal.
  • Lastly, my customer's blogs are updated quickly and more efficiently.

So, although I used this system for my blog maintenance, you may have a need for your business where customers need to pay for a service you provide or to access to a private site to download PDFs or other files on a monthly basis for example.

Michelle Laycock, Laycock Designs

Michelle was my answer!  I explained to her my problem with billing and customer management. Meaning what worked for me when I first started the maintenance program was no longer working for me and not work for me as my business continues to grow. So she setup my subscription-based system and I am very, very happy.

To learn more about how she may help you with a subscription site, click here.

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