Although I use PayPal, some people have experienced problems. So Google Checkout is an alternative that you may want to consider using.

To create buttons for selling YOUR products or services

  • Sign In at
  • If you don't have an existing Google Account, then you will be brought to another screen to setup a Google Checkout account for business.


  • Otherwise, click to use your existing Google Account for Google Checkout.
  • Then you are brought to a screen about payment options and contact information.


  • Complete the form and then Complete Sign Up button.
  • When complete you are brought to the main area to create your buttons.

Go to this page to learn how to create typical Buy Now buttons:

  • NOTE: YOU can specify a location for PDF or other document for digital download.

Go to this page to learn how to setup Google Checkout Shopping Cart:

Additional Note: STORE SETUP

Click here to learn more about setting up your Google Store which is similar to a PayPal Store (Includes features like tracking inventory (using Google Spreadsheet):

Happy Blogging!

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