NOTE: This only applies to Blogger users if you are using the Updated Editor (Settings, Basic tab, towards the bottom under "Select Post Editor").

Many of you use Blogger as your blogging platform, as I do as well for my personal stamping blog (  So when I went into my blog yesterday and went to insert an image, I was surprised to see this:


Normally I would just click on Browse and quickly and easily upload an image from my computer. In this view, I had to take a second to see the different options (like where it the Browse button – LOL).

So then I clicked on UPLOAD as show here where I could then select and image from my computer and click Open.

After clicking Open it is then added to the list of images, where the newly added images is the right of the UPLOAD button.

Click on the newly added image as shown below and click  Add Selected.

Where it is then added to the post as shown below.


I wanted to share this with you and hope this mini tutorial helps!

Happy Blogging!

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