Since many of my customers want to purchase domains after having their blog setup, they can now purchase them from me!


I am so excited about this opportunity and hope you'll find it convenient for you as well!  I will soon be offering a entirely new Blog Starter Package, that includes the Setup, Maintenance, Banner Design, Domain Name Registration and more!  COMING SOON!

Lastly, you may be asking…what is a domain or domain name?

In short, a domain name is is this form www.<domain name>.com or www.<domain name>.net (where com and net are two very popular domains adn then <domain name> is where your registered domain name would go.  For example, is my domain name which is mapped to my Typepad account.  My personal, paper crafting blog is whichi s then mapped to my Blogger blog.  You do not see the "typepad" or "blogspot" in the address.  Mapping is another service I would provide to you when purchasing your domain or if you need help pointing it to another location.

For more information about mapping, forwarding, etc. click here.

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