If you are thinking about transferring your Typepad blog to another blog service, you may want to think about it twice or be prepared for a lot of manually labor.

Below is an excerpt is from the Typepad help on Blog Import/Export.  Basically, the images do NOT appear once you delete/cancel your Typepad blog (unless basically you copy and paste or save all the images to your computer, then re-upload to the new service/blog, the re-insert all the images or change the references in ALL the posts….which would probably take “forever”).

Transferring from Blogger to another service "works" because Blogger is free and you can therefore afford to keep that blog address active even if you no longer use it. Of course if you were to delete your Blogger blog the it would impact the transfer.

So, you can keep your typepad blog and your new blog, but then you are essentially paying for image storage and that may be worth it to you and affordable, but I wanted to let you know of the consequence of canceling your typepad blog.

*** Notes from Typepad's Help ***


You can create an
export file for your blog in the Movable Type Import Format. This export file
can be used as a backup, or to transfer your blog into another TypePad blog or
account, or to migrate your blog to another service.

To create an
export file, go to Blogs > Settings > Import/Export and scroll down to
the Export section. Click the Export button to generate the export file.
Once the export is complete, you will see a download link. If you are on
Windows, click on the link with the right mouse button and choose Save Target
As or Save Link As to save the export file to your computer. If you are on a
Mac, hold down the Option key while clicking and choose the Save Link As menu

on Export

does not include your image or other files inserted into posts in the export
file. As long as your TypePad blog remains up, your new site will display the
images, but if you delete your TypePad blog, you will need to manually upload
the images to the new site.

Happy Blogging!
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