I recently revamped Renee Blodgett's "Down The Avenue" blog, www.downtheavenue.com (Typepad) with the help of Mitch Confer and Michelle Laycock.


Mitch designed the new banner and logo, Michelle converted it to a fluid layout. I installed it and adjusted the color scheme/theme of the blog.  To install a banner like this in Typepad, you need Advanced Templates (included in the Unlimited, $14.95 package).  A fluid design makes way for the banner to 're-adjust' as the browser window re-sizes (since many blog visitors have different resolutions and use many different browsers).  Contact Michelle Laycock to create a fluid layout for you!

In addition, you'll notice some other cool things on Renee's blog:

  • Nav Bar (again will adjust when her banner does).
  • Many of her Links Lists in Typepad have been converted to Dropdown Menus. How cool is that!!!! This saves LOTS of space on her sidebar and gives it a much more organized and clean look.
  • "Share" buttons at the top of the post area (instead of the bottom).
  • Last but not least, I reconstructed her Photos page.  She used to have all these albums in the sidebar!!!! This was a manual, time consuming piece of the project, but very much needed to unload her sidebars. 

NOTE: Again, Renee uses Advanced Templates to achieve these results.

Happy blogging!

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