OMG!!!!!! If you use Blogger, you have to check out the new Template Designer. I am super excited to bring this news to you and will be posting a lot more detail shortly, detailing the new feature. However, I just wanted to tell you to go take a look if you haven't already.


From the Dashboard, go to Design (used to be called Layout).

Then click on the new Template Designer.

  • Templates – a new gallery of beautiful templates, a great improvement of the existing templates (that can be customized of course in Edit HTML).
  • Backgrounds – can customize the background further.
  • Layout – here is the WOW. You can choose from a few new layouts including a 3 column layout! Also, in this area you can adjust widths.
  • Advanced – lists all page elements where you can customize the fonts and colors (replaces the old Fonts and Colors tab), as well as a new area called "Add CSS".  This is similar to Typepad's CSS area.

Many of these changes resemble Typepad, and makes blogging with Blogger more design-friendly.  Again, I can't tell you how excited I am.

More details to come soon!!!!!

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