I love when people leave comments!  In a recent comment to the "Adding the Facebook Like Button" post, a reader asked if I could explain how to do the same thing but with Twitter's Retweet button. So here we go…

  • First, go to the Dashboard, then Design, then Edit HTML.
  • Click the check box to Expand Widgets Templates.
  • Then search for <data:post.body/>  (use CTRL + F to use a Find/Search to assist in finding the code faster).
  • paste in this code as shown below or you can download it here:


  • Then click Save Template. You're done and will now see this on your blog (where I also have the Facebook Like button as we previously discussed):


So, if you were or a blog reader were to click on the Tweet button (to re-tweet the post), then you will be prompted to connect to Twitter.


  • Click on Yes to connect to Twitter.
  • Enter your Twitter account information and click Sign In.


  • Then you will be prompted to Allow or Deny access. Click Allow.


  • Then you will see your blog post as a Tweet (Retweet This):


  • Click on Tweet.
  • On your blog, you will now see it has been "tweeted":


That's it! You're done 😀

Remember to post comments or email me questions and I'd gladly answer and post them on my blog as tutorials to help others too!

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