Many people are tired of the same set of fonts provided by Blogger and Typepad. Typepad has a new kit called TypeKit, which I will discuss in a separate post. For Blogger users, Kevin and Amanda ( have lots of free, fun fonts for download, and instructions on how to  use them (or any font) in your Blogger blog (even if your readers don't have that font on their computers)!

Click here for Free Fonts.

Click here for instructions on how to install fonts into your Blogger layout/template.

You will be using

  • sIRF Generator to convert the font of your choice to a flash file.
  • to create a free account/site and upload the flash file.

And will modify a few lines of code.  Kevin and Amanda provided excellent instruction, but if you get stuck or prefer me to do it for you, just let me know!

Installing Cute Fonts on Blogger: $25

Here is an example I just did for Tonya Dailey for her brand new blog that will highlight her photography.  Notice the cute fonts in her Post Title and Sidebar Headings.  Do you see anything else? She has a dropdown menu as well, another new service!

Dropdown Menu Installation in Blogger: $25

One level, solid colors – dropdown menu. May not suit all layouts.


Here is a close-up of Tonya's title and new font (and after changing to Capitalize (or Title Case instead of Uppercase)!

Postsample Here is a close-up of her dropdown menu:


Animated Banners: $25-$50

Pricing with vary depending on animation and development. In Tonya's example, I created more of a slide show type of animation showing different images in her banner (as she is a photographer).

Email me for a personalized quote!

My design partner, Michelle Laycock, has designed animated banners with "bling" and
glitter, and animated objects in the banner, and can also do this type of animation as well!

This may be a great tool for business owners wanting to highlight different products in their banner or for Stampin' Up! demonstrators to feature current kits for sale, promotional items, or to show a variation of handmade items!

She will eventually have an animated banner (sample below) – images copyrighted by Tonya Dailey. She is still choosing what pictures she'd like in the animated banner, these are just some of her samples I took from her site to use as an example.

In this example there is also a light blue gradient and the images are "feathered" around all edges, where as in her real layout, it is just feathered on the right.


Although this is a new blog, check out to view samples of her work, contests she will be running and more!

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