• Login in to Facebook.
  • First, you will need the URL address of your business "page"
    • Go to the Account dropdown (upper right) and click Manage Pages.
    • Then when you see the page you want, cick on Go To Page.
    • Then notice the URL/address bar and copy that URL address.
  • Or if creating for personal use, your main Facebook URL address. Copy the address in the address bar.
  • Next, Click on the Profile tab (top right).
  • Then go to the bottom left of your screen and click on Create a Profile Badge.
  • Click on Badges Home.
  • Then click on bottom link: "get our social plugins…."
  • 2nd box on the right, Like Box.


  • Then for Facebook URL, Paste in the address you copied previously and the preview on the right should update.
  • Then change the width to 180px to fit in your sidebar area.
  • Then change connections to 3 (or any number you'd like).
  • Then click on Get Code.
  • Copy the code in iframe (larger text box).
  • You will now be pasting this code into a Gadget/Widget on your blog.

-    From the Dashboard go to Design.
-    Page Elements.
-    On the right sidebar, Add  a Gadget.
-    Choose HTML/JavaScript.
-    Copy and paste the code.
-    Click Save.
-    It should be the first item now on the right.
-    Click Save.
-    View Blog to be sure it’s ok.
-    You’re done.

-    From the Dashboard, go to Design.
-    Then Content or Organize Content.
-    Then you will see a graphical view of the blog’s layout.
-    From the top, center box, choose Embed Custom HTML and then on the right click Add Module.
-    Leave the title blank.
-    Then in the large text box area,copy and paste the code.
-    Click Save (or OK).
-    Then it is normally added to the top left by default in Typepad.
-    Drag and drop to the top Right side.
-    Save Changes.
-    View Blog to be sure it’s ok.
-    You’re done.

-    From the Dashboard, go to Appearance, then under that Widgets.
-    Drag one of the TEXT widgets to the sidebar area (right sidebar).
-    In the box that pops-up leave the Title blank.
-    Then in the large text box area, copy and paste the code.
-    Click Save.
-    Click Close.
-    View Site to be sure it’s ok.
-    You’re done.

  • When you are finished, go back to FAcebook and click Done.


I am in the process of setting up new Blog Setup packages, those with or without Facebook/Twitter integration.

This page will be updated soon: https://www.blogsbyheather.com/blog-setup-service.html


However, if you need help getting your blog integrated with your Twitter and FAcebook accounts where your blog posts get posted automatically to your Twitter and FAcebook (page), then I can do it for you! Just $25!

Don't forget to sign up for my Newsletter, next week I will be sending out the tutorial about how to have your blog posts automatically post to your Facebook page (for business) or Wall (if personal blog).

Happy Blogging and Socializing!

Heather Wright-Porto

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