Okay, while working on a couple of transfers lately, we noticed that not all the posts transferred. After researching the problem in a few Blogger Help forums and threads and reading more information here, it appears that Blogger now has some type of Auto Pagination that now prohibits all the posts from showing at once.

So what does this mean? As a result, Typepad only imports those posts that are displayed on the first screen (or page). 

So although these instructions work, my last post about transfering, some posts will transfer smoothly while the rest will have to be copied manually from Blogger to Typepad!!!

For this reason I am removing Blog Transfer Service of $25 as it is no longer applicable (effective immediately).  Of course I would still be happy to guide you and assist in setting up your new Typepad blog, however the transfering of posts is no longer a smooth process (but at least some will come across).

Such a bummer!

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