In response to the problem discussed yesterday, Typepad came up with a solution I will test for us. Hopefully it works and I can then design new Blog Transfer packages based on the time needed to transfer x amount of posts at a time (by 100 post increments). Let’s keep our fingers crossed!! Gooooo Typepad!!!!

Unfortunately, we don’t have an easy workaround for importing from
Blogger to TypePad due to the changes Blogger has made to how posts are
displayed on the front page. We’re looking into making it easier to
import from blogger in the future.

One option is

  • Import the first page of posts.
  • Then delete those posts on Blogger.
  • Then refresh the front page of your Blogger blog with new posts and go back to Typepad and import the page again (which will now import the new set displayed on the front page).
  • Repeat the process until all your posts are imported to TypePad.

Heather Wright-Porto

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