While working in a customer's blog setup today I notice two new features:

  • Popular Posts – Shows a thumbnail and snippet of your follower's favorites!
  • Blog Stats – Shows a live number of page views (counter).

To add them,

  • Simply go to Design from your Dashboard, then click on Page Elements.
  • Click Add a Gadget.
  • Click on the Popular Posts (at the top since it's new).

  • Then choose your settings and click Save. Drag and drop where you would like it displayed in your blog.
  • Next, click Add a Gadget again. We are going to add Blog Stats.
  • Click on Blog Stats, again at the top since it's a new feature!
  • Then choose a style and click Save. Drag and drop where you'd like in your blog.
  • Save changes.
  • You're done!

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