Transfer Posts Only

I wanted to follow up about a recent article regarding the transfer from Blogger to Typepad. To recap, you used to transfer your Blogger posts to Typepad in one shot.  However, when working recently with Sage Kimble, I found that only a limited number of posts transferred and this was due to an automatic pagination feature Blogger installed. So only the first page would transfer. 

Next I wrote to Typepad about it and they suggested to continue using that method, however after the "set" of posts transferred, to then delete them from the Blogger blog (a copy of your oirignal blog used for transferring), and then run the import again. Then delete the ones that transferred and then run the import again.   So, it took about 7-8 "transfers" for Sage's 90+ Blogger posts to transfer to her new Typepad blog.

In conclusion it can be done but just requires a little to a lot more work depending on how many posts you need to transfer. 

So, what I am proposing is that if you need to transfer your Blogger posts to a new Typepad blog, then I will charge $5 per set of 10 posts.

If you have a Blogger blog you need to transfer, go to Edit Posts and scroll to the bottom, right where you will see your total post count.  Then divide that number by 10 and multiply by $5 and you'll have your Blog Transfer Cost.


Transfer Blog Design and Sidebars

Customers have asked me, in addition to transferring their posts, what if they want to transfer their "look" from Blogger to Typepad as well.  My answer is that it is considered a new Blog Setup and costs about $45 – $60 (at present) depending if the customer is a Blog Maintenance customer as well.


Transferring Your Subscribers (Feed Subscribers)

This is included in the cost of the Blog Design and Sidebars cost and can be done by editing the Feed Address in Feedburner (if you use Feedburn).

  • Login to Feedburner
  • Click on your Feed
  • Click on Edit Feed Details at the top under your Feed Title
  • Then in the 2nd text box/line under Original Feed
  • Replace what is there (your Blogger feed URL) and replace it with your Typepad Feed URL: http://<your blog name><your weblog name>/atom.xml is a traditional feed address.
  • I did this for Sage as an experiment and it worked!!!
  • There was no exporting of Feed Subscrbers (email subscriptions), no importing or feed transfers.


Transferring Visitor Counter

In setting up a new counter for your Typepad blog, in many applications you can "reset the stat counter" or in setting up a new counter, choose the "starting count."  So, this is normally not an issue when transferring your Blogger blog to Typepad.  If you have a counter, this "reset" is included in the Blog Setup cost.


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