When you create a new blog in Blogger the Profile gadget is placed in your sidebar by default. Additionally, if you add upload a profile picture, it will also be displayed in the sidebar as well (in the Profile gadget). 

Many customers have emailed me about how to make the picture larger or insert a larger picture in the sidebar.

In Blogger, it is actually pretty easy to do. Below you will find the instructions on how to upload a picture of yourself (to use instead, which will be larger than the profile snapshot), remove the Profile gadget from your sidebar, and then create a text area you can use to display a mini bio of yourself (similarly to the sample shown in my blog's sidebar, www.HandStampedByHeather.com).

Upload a new picture of yourself in the sidebar.
-    After you login, from the Dashboard, click on Design.
-    Then Page Elements.
-    The on the right, Add a  Gadget.
-    Then click Picture.
-    You can leave the title blank.
-    Click Browse, Then find a picture of yourself on your Computer.
-    Click Save.
-    You’re done.

To remove the profile gadget that may currently be in your sidebar (which is there by default when you create a new blog).
-    While in Page Elements, click Edit for Profile.
-    Click Remove.
-    Save changes it and it will remove it from your sidebar.

To create text under your newly uploaded Picture.
-    While still in Page Elements, Click on Add a Gadget.
-    Then click on Text.
-    Then enter “About Me” in the Title.
-    Write a brief bio in the larger text box.
-    Save Changes.
-    Then drag and drop that newly added gadget beneath your newly uploaded picture.
-    Save Changes.
-    You’re done.

Happy Blogging!

Heather Wright-Porto

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